Big Joe Male Love Doll With 7 Inch Removable Dong

Big Joe Male Love Doll With 7 Inch Removable Dong

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A life-size doll with a 7" removable dick comes with wide open mouth, inviting anus and a perfect looking face. This doll is for any man/women who like the feeling of taking advantage of someone. He is large and in charge. Don't worry he won't bite!

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My lover doesn't mind me cheating with Joe

Big Joe is super attractive, boner creating companionship when my lover is away. His sexually inviting mouth and snug fitting ass crack is to die for. I love his gorgeous face too

Anonymous - March 10 2014

Big Joe will never ever leave you

My lover broke up with me a few months ago and i miss him like crazy!!! So what's a lonely, horny fella to do... yeah, that's right... get a studly dude like Big Joe who never turns you down and never leaves you. He's a champion semen drainer with his wide open mouth and tight fitting, butt crack.

Anonymous - March 7 2014



Anonymous - March 5 2014

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